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I'm feeling like an old timer at work. I've worked the last several saturday nights, which is quite possibly the SLOWEST shift of the week. I think I love saturday night shifts.
             Anyway, they hired new cashiers recently and I'm always the most experienced cashier on the floor on these nights. Just because it's always me with 3 new kids. They have problems, they come to me. They listen to what I say. It's big and funny. It's always one person on an express lane, two lanes open, and a packer. Packers bag groceries and go outside to bring carts back in. They also get to put things in the garbage compactor and return bad items to certain departments. I like packing as long as it's not hot outside. 
I've realized that I talk to all of my co-workers. There's not one I don't hold a conversation with, as far as I know. That's only what I can say about the ones I do work with, because several of them work exclusively during the day shift during the week.   
I like my co-workers. I work with so many nice people, it makes it too hard to quit. So I guess I won't ;D

I sure do miss my friend Sheryl.
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