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This week, Shanna came over for the first time in forever. I've been going to her house when we get together ever since she moved in October. We had bundles of fun. We walked to the beach, climbed the rocks and climbed back up the cliff with less than 12 injuries!

We also ventured into the field across the highway one night, for no reason. We eventually found ourselves in the tomato field behind the mexican boarding house.

Oh, and we bathed my dog and my new cat. WHO, by the way, is suspected of being preggers. ;o   ho!

Shanna kept having spontaniously fun ideas. She should come over more often.

She also found things I had apparently overlooked, like a blue ball in my yard. Also, she found marijuana growing out there. lllllol.

After she left, it was Friday and Shane's family had a Barbeque for his birthday (which was Wednesday).
I bought him an electric razor (the dry kind with 3 spinning blades!) and a NINTENDO DS. With the New Super Mario Bros. 

My mom was supposed to go too and meet his family, but she canceled at the last minute. Oh well, right? 

I then had to Work Saturday but afterwards I went back to Sturgeon Woods (the trailer park camp) with Shane. 

The park has a Bingo every Saturday night and I went with his aunt Betty while he stayed at the trailer and played Mario with Grandma. Then us four played something like the game Trouble. Yep. It was good times.  Then I worked today! now I'm home and by myself for the first time in several days.


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