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zehrs, lol


Yesterday at work the power went out and everyone on hand had to get the customers out of the place within 20 minutes or we'd run out of back-up power on the tills. We also had to lock all of the money from our tills in the cash office before the power went out because it's a door that only opens electrically.  Crazy rush.

After that we had to tape 5-foot sheets of plastic up over all the coolers. There's more coolers in the store than I ever appreciated.
I helped tape up a lot of the plastic over the meat and seafood.

And we did it all in the dark! All the other cashiers stood around and talked, but I helped. Half of the meat department personally thanked me. I felt like a good little worker.
That was the last 2 hours of my 8 and a half day. Insane. 

Other than that I got into a huge mega-fight with boyfriend the other day. It's resolved now and our relationship feels like it did months ago.

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