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things that make me sad!

Shane can really frustrate me sometimes.
Most of the time when I say something, he'll challenge it or tell me I'm wrong or at least find a way for me to be wrong. It's like Casey. Wouldn't that bother you? I'M BOTHERED.

We kind of argue sometimes... I don't know if he realizes that or not. We had our first fight like, last week. Since then we occasionally bicker. I think that's pretty normal, so whatever.

If he's doing something that makes me upset or annoyed, he'll make me tell him why I'm annoyed/bothered and then tell me specifically how I'm wrong for being annoyed. Urrgh!! It makes me want to cry.

I always feel safe talking about anything to him, but this? I just tried. He got 'really annoyed' with me. thanks for listening, Mr.Defense. ._.

If I get mad, he gets mad right back. I can see certain situations where if someone is mad at you, you back down apologetically. I'm not saying that he should be apologetic right now, but I'm sure there eventually will be a situation where it would be appropriate for him to be.

So I'm basically in fear of getting into fights with him. Because I think I'll have to be the one to admit I'm wrong every time, or else he'll hold it against me.

don't get me wrong, we're the best couple ever. Just need to vent or something. I'm kinda down. He does a lot for me, I won't deny it.
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